Serebii reports seeing a mysterious, blob figure while watching the latest Pokémon XY movie. The new Pokémon was described as being a bright green being with one eye larger than the other. In the movie’s title sequence, Hoopa & The Clash Of Ages viewers see the mysterious blob looking through the letter “O” in the word Pokémon. As number 722 “blobbed about,” as Serebii puts it, it was followed by the large mysterious figure we got a glimpse of in the leaked CoroCoro shots.

pokemon z release date zygarde newMysterious blob Pokémon (Photo: Serebii)
pokemon-omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire-hoopa-movie-coro-leakCoro Coro leaked Pokémon (Photo: Serebii)
Check out photos of the new unnamed Pokémon at Serebii.

Will These New Discoveries Be Part Of Pokémon Z?

Judging by the small, flying Pokémon and the unknown larger figure, something tells us the Hoopa movie will reveal some new details about Zygarde and the Pokémon world. A Pokémon Z release date could add many of these new introductions into the main set of 3DS games. Sequel games in each generation tend to bring a few changes to the original formula. Number 722 and the shadowy monolith figure could be among these changes. If they ever announce the damned thing, that is.
We’re bound to receive more details regarding the mysterious Pokémon (or Unbound, like Hoopa, amirite? No? Okay). The english version of the Clash Of Ages Movie is set to arrive sometime in 2015. Though with this being opening weekend in Japan for the movie, we’ll have a better idea what to expect from the movie sooner than we think.
UpdateSerebii has included another photo of the unknown Pokémon. See it below:
pokémon z zygarde hoopaWho is this Pokémon, Zygarde and Hoopa? We want to know (Photo: Serebii)source site